Lejos de Mi Padre Dios; Letra, Fanny J. Crosby, 1869

¿What Fanny Crosby hymn is this?

There is a Spanish hymn, “Lejos de mi Padre Dios”, which is sung to the W. H. Doane tune NEAR THE CROSS. In Himnario Bautista (El Paso: Casa Bautista de Publicaciones, 1978; a generally well-documented hymnal) it is clearly stated that it is by Fanny Crosby, 1869, translated by one Tomás García (who died in 1906). Now, 1869 is the year in which “Jesus, keep me near the cross” came out, so one might think that this is a Spanish version of that well-known Crosby hymn. But the text is completely unlike “Near the Cross”, indeed, nowhere in its three stanzas nor in its refrain does it even *mention* “la cruz”.

Anybody know what, if any, Crosby hymn it is a translation of, or is the Crosby ascription a mistaken assumption based on the tune? Fwiw, the generally much less well documented Assembly of God Spanish hymnal “Himnos de Gloria: Cantos de triunfo” has the same hymn to the same tune, but simply ascribes the words to “Autor Desconocido”.



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