2013 Hymn Anniversaries

The Summer 2012 issue of The Hymn, just arrived, includes Carl Daw’s detailed and most welcome list of hymn-related anniversaries to celebrate next year. Here are a few I’ve come up with that he missed:

Johann Andreas Cramer *1723 †1788 German Evangelical theologian, court preacher, professor, poet; author of Das sollt ihr, Jesu jünger, nie vergessen

Heinrich Bone *1813 †1893 German Gymnasium headmaster, published a Catholic hymnal; four hymns in the 2001 Esperanto ecumenical hymnal ADORU:
Das ist der Tag, den Gott gemacht
Wahrer Leib, o sei gegrüsset
Maria Himmelsfreud
Zu dir, o Gott, erheben wir

James Remington Fairlamb *1838 †1908 An AGO Founder, his tune FAITH is given in the 1917 Lutheran hymnal Common Service Book as an alternative to OLIVET for My faith looks up to Thee. The AGO Founders Hymnal gives another tune of his, VICARIA, as a setting for When I survey the wondrous cross.

John Frederick Wolle, *1863 †1933 (See bio at hymnary.org) His tune ADVENT is the second most-used setting for the Horn/(Roh)/Winkworth text Once He came in blessing.

Andreas Peter Berggreen, *1801 †1888 Danish composer, among other things of a hymn tune (BERGGREEN) used for Tænk naar engang den taage er forsvunden / Tänk när en gång det töcken har försvunnit

Schalom Ben-Chorin *1913 †1999; born Fritz Rosenthal; German-Palestinian/Israeli writer, theologian, religious philosopher; emigrated to Palestine in 1935; pioneer in Christian-Jewish dialogue and collaboration; author of Freunde, dass der Mandelzweig, 1942, based on Jeremiah 1:11

Edward Morris Bowman *1848 †1913 an AGO Founder, one-time chair of the Vassar Music Department; edited First Baptist Peddie Memorial Church, Newark’s Sunday School songbook; composed a Short Meter tune, BARNARD (Bowman), to which Your Harps, Ye Trembling Saints is set in the AGO Founders Hymnal

Alfred Conzeth *1913 †1998 German printer; co-translator (with Richard Hoppe) of Michael Schirmer’s O heilger Geist, kehr bei uns ein into Esperanto

Julius Dahlöf *1871 †1913 Swedish>Norwegian>American organist, composed the music of Långt bortom rymden vida

Friedrich Karl Barth *1938 German pastor and liturgical advisor; author of the Communion Antiphon Selig seid ihr, wenn ihr einfach lebt

Frank Linwood Sealy *1858 †1938 An AGO Founder, he was Music Editor of Common Praise, a hymnal issued in 1913 by Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church, New York. In the AGO Founders Hymnal, his eponymous tune (SEALY) is given with the Bonar text Thy Way, Not Mine, O Lord.

Cszomasz Tóth Kálmán *1902 †1988 Hungarian hymnologist, composed tunes for Paizsa Szegény Fejemnek (KIRÁLY) and Fú a szél, zúg a szél (NIKODEMO)



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