My Hymnals at 211

I just counted “My Hymnals” and found that there are 211 listed now (this is not by any means my entire hymnal collection, but it is probably the larger part). Here they are:

All-American Church Hymnal
An American Christmas Harp
African American Heritage Hymnal
The Alfred Burt Christmas Carols Song Album
Adoru kantante
Adoremus Hymnal
ADORU, Ekumena Diserva Libro
AGO Founders Hymnal
The American Hymnal for English Speaking People Everywhere
Alabanza Cubana Para las Naciones
Al Dio sonu nova kant’!
The African Methodist Episcopal Zion Bicentennial Hymnal
A New Hymnal for Colleges and School
A New Now Youth Folk Hymnal
The Hymnal: Army and Navy
Assembly Songs
At the Lighting of the Lamps: Hymns of the Ancient Church
Blessed Assurance: Hymns of Fanny J. Crosby
Baptist Hymnal 1956
The Broadman Hymnal
Baptist Hymnal 1975
Baptist Hymnal 1991
Baptist Hymnal 2008
The Baptist Hymnal, for Use in the Church and Home
Beams of Heaven: Hymns of Charles Albert Tindley
The Book of Praise
Bring Many Names
Better Than Pearls: sacred songs expressly adapted for gospel meetings
Sacred Songs for the Baptist Young People’s Union 10th International Convention
Carols for Choirs 1: Fifty Christmas Carols
Carols for Choirs 2: Fifty Carols for Christmas and Advent
The Chancel Choir No.2
Christmas Customs and Carols
Chriſtmas Carols New and Old
Cáliz de Bendiciones: Himnario Discipulos de Cristo
Celebration Hymnal
Chalice Hymnal
The Christian Hymnary. Bks. 1-4
Choice Songs for Youth No. 1
Christian Life Hymnal, The
찬송과 예배 Come, Let Us Worship: The Korean-English Presbyterian Hymnal and Service Book
Christmas Favorites
The Collegeville Hymnal
The Covenant Hymnal: A Worshipbook
Christian Science Hymnal
Christian Science Hymnal Supplement
The Church School Hymnal for Youth
Christian Worship: A Hymnal
Deluxe 200 Christmas Song Book
Dakota Odowan: Dakota Hymns (1911)
Devotional Hymns
Hymnal 1982: according to the use of the Episcopal Church
Hymnbook 1982
Espero Katolika, Numero 1-3/2009 (Kantoj post Adoru)
Evangelical Lutheran Hymnary
Evangelical Lutheran Worship
Esperanta Himnaro
Espero Internacia
Evangelia Kantaro
Evangel Songs
Folk Encounter (the NOW hymnal)
Favorite Hymns of Praise
Fresh Laurels for the Sabbath School, A new and extensive collection of music and hymns. Prepared expressly for the Sabbath Schools, Etc.
For the Living of These Days
The Faith We Sing
Gather Comprehensive
Gather Comprehensive, Second Edition
Get All Excited: TRUTH Sings Bill Gaither
Glory to God: The Presbyterian Hymnal: A Sampler
The Hymnbook
Hymns for Creative Living
Hymnbook for Christian Worship
Hymns for Junior Worship
Hymnal: A Worship Book
Himnario Bautista
Hymns for Creatures Great and Small
Hymnal for Church and Home. 1st ed.
Himnos de gloria: cantos de triunfo
Himnos de la Iglesia
Hymns for the Family of God
Hymns for the Living Church
Hymns for Praise and Worship
Hymns for the Spiritual Journey
Hymns from the Four Winds: A Collection of Asian American Hymns
Hymns of Faith
Himnaro Esperanta, 4-a eld.
Himnaro Esperanta, 5-a eld.
Himnaro: Unua Kolekto
Himnu la Komunumo
Hymns In The Vineyard
Hymns (The hymnal of the Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship)
Hymns of Faith and Life
Hymns of Glorious Praise
Hymnal and Order of Service
The Hymnal and Order of Service
The Hymnal of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America 1940
Hymns for a Pilgrim People
Hymns of Truth & Light
Healing Waters
The Hymnal for Worship and Celebration
Hymnal Supplement 1991
Junior Hymns and Songs: for use in Church School, Sunday Session, Week Day Session, Vacation Session, Junior Societies (Judson Ed.)
Jubilant Praise: for young people’s societies, Sunday Schools, and Church Prayer Meetings
Kantu al la Eternulo
Kantoj el Taizé
Lutheran Book of Worship
Laudes Domini: a selection of spiritual songs ancient and modern
Hymns of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
Let’s Sing
Living Hymns
Living Hymns
Liberala Himnaro
Let’s just Praise the Lord (Music Edition)
Light and Life Songs No. 3
Lillenas’ Solos and Duets No. 1
Lutheran Worship
Majesty Hymns
Melodious Accord Hymnal
The Methodist Hymnal
The Methodist Hymnal, Official Hymnal of the Methodist Church
Melodies of Praise
Mil Voces para Celebrar: Himnario Metodista
Мир вам! Peace be with you!
The New Baptist Praise Book: or, Hymns of the Centuries
The New Century Hymnal
New Songs, 5th ed.
The New Hymnal for American Youth
The New National Baptist Hymnal
The New National Baptist Hymnal (21st Century Edition)
New Songs for Service
Ni vivu laŭeble plej bele
Nyimbo za Imani Yetu
Oxford Book of Carols, The
Ordo de Diservo
Pathen Koehna Laabu
Presbyterian Hymnal
The Popular Hymnal
Pilgrim Hymnal
Praise Him
Psalter Hymnal (Gray)
Praise and Worship Songbook 3
Rejoice in the Lord
Reasons to Sing
Songs for Worship
Service Book and Hymnal, authorized by the Churches Cooperating in the Commission on the Liturgy and Hymnal
賛美歌 21 [Sanbika 21]
讃美歌 / 讃美歌第二編 (Sanbika/Sanbika Dainihen)
讃美歌 (Sanbika)
The Song Book of the Salvation Army
Singing Evangelism (Billy Graham Campaign Songs)
聖歌 [Seika]
Shaping Sanctuary: Proclaiming God’s Grace in an Inclusive Church
The Service Hymnal, compiled for the General Use in All Religious Services …
Sing ‘n’ Celebrate
Sing ‘n’ Celebrate II
[Sgaw Karen Baptist Hymnal, 1963]
Singing the Living Tradition
Sing of Justice, Sing of Peace
Songs of Praise
Songs of Perfect Love
Songs of Zion
Songs of Redeeming Love (No. 2)
Sunday School Hymns No. 2 (Canadian ed.)
Select Songs of Praise for Evangelistic Services, Church and Sunday School
Soul-Stirring Songs and Hymns
Sankta Nikolao en Nederlando
Sing to the Lord: Hymnal
The Summit Choirbook
Singing Youth
The Book of Hymns (A fresh anthology of favourite hymns)
Thánh Ca
The Joyful Sounds of the Rose Hill Family
Tero kaj Ĉielo Kantu
Tero kaj Ĉielo Kantu Partoj I II III
Tero kaj Ĉielo Kantu Partoj IV V VI
Tero kaj Ĉielo Kantu Partoj VII VIII IX X
Thuma Mina: International Ecumenical Hymnbook
Treasure Songs of the Gospel
Tsese-Ma’heone- Nemeotȯtse (Cheyenne Spiritual Songs)
Tower Songs
The Saint Michael Hymnal: A Congregational Missal and Hymnal for the Celebration of Sung Mass in the Roman Rite
The Spirituals of Harry T. Burleigh
Triumphant Service Songs
Worshiping Church, The
The Hymnary of the United Church of Canada
United Methodist Hymnal, The
Venite Exultemus
Voices Found
Vatican II Hymnal
Voices: Native American Hymns and Worship Resources
Voices of Victory
Welsh and English Hymns and Anthems (Reformatted)
Worship and Rejoice
Worship and Service Hymnal: For Church, School, and Home
We Turn to God
Worship II, a Hymnal for Roman Catholic Parishes
Worship in Song
Worship in Song: A Friends Hymnal
Wonder, Love, and Praise: a supplement to the Hymnal 1982
Worship & Song
With One Voice
World Renowned Hymns
Worship Supplement, authorized by the Commission on Worship, The Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod
The Worshipbook, Services and Hymns
Worship Together
Youth Favorites: Gospel Songs and Choruses
Young People’s Songs of Praise
Zion still Sings



5 komentoj to “My Hymnals at 211”

  1. Haruo Says:

    Note: the sometimes bizarre alphabetization scheme result from using the Hymnal Identifiers rather than the titles to order the list. For example, Hymnary calls the 1956 Baptist Hymnal simply “BH”, which results in the Broadman Hymnal, BH1940, intervening in the list of “Baptist Hymnals”, out of both alphabetical and publication date sequence.

  2. Haruo Says:

    21 of them are in Esperanto (don’t ask me how the search engine decided to order this bunch!)…

    Liberala Himnaro 1948 Esperanto Unio de Liberalaj Religianoj Esperanto
    Himnaro Esperanta, 4-a eld. 1954 Esperanto
    Himnaro Esperanta, 5-a eld. 1966 Esperanto
    Sankta Nikolao en Nederlando 0 Esperanto
    Adoru kantante 1971 Kristana Esperantista Ligo Internacia (KELI) Esperanto
    Espero Internacia 0 Esperanto
    ADORU, Ekumena Diserva Libro 2001 Esperanto
    Himnaro: Unua Kolekto 0 Esperanto
    Esperanta Himnaro 1985 Esperanto
    Al Dio sonu nova kant’! 1958 Roman Catholic Church Esperanto
    Espero Katolika, Numero 1-3/2009 (Kantoj post Adoru) 2009 Esperanto
    Tero kaj Ĉielo Kantu 1993 KELI Esperanto
    Tero kaj Ĉielo Kantu Partoj I II III 1995 Esperanto
    Tero kaj Ĉielo Kantu Partoj IV V VI 1996 Esperanto
    Tero kaj Ĉielo Kantu Partoj VII VIII IX X 1998 Esperanto
    Kantu al la Eternulo 1986 Esperanto
    Kantoj el Taizé 1996 Esperanto
    Evangelia Kantaro 1952 Esperanto
    Ordo de Diservo 1907 Church of England Esperanto
    Himnu la Komunumo 1997 Esperanto
    Ni vivu laŭeble plej bele 1985 Esperanto

  3. Haruo Says:

    7 in Spanish, 4 in Japanese…

  4. Haruo Says:

    And as of tonight the total is up to 239…

  5. Haruo Says:

    About 270 now.


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