Scans from Adoru Kantante, 1971: p. 8 and p. 3

I’m working on a spreadsheet of the contents of Adoru kantante, the Esperanto-language hymnal published in 1971 by Kristana Esperantista Ligo Internacia (the International League of Christian Esperantists, a Protestant organization mainly active in Europe). I’m posting a few page scans here so I can discuss editorial questions with the experts at, the database the spreadsheet is ultimately intended to enrich.

Here’s the first one, page eight, with the first hymn in the book, “Venu, kredantoj”:

And here is a second, page three, containing an unnumbered round, “Adoru kantante”:

And here are a couple of questions for the experts:
1) should I translate stuff like “Antikva Gaela melodio” into English, or should I enter such information as given in the hymnal?
2) should I enter the first line with the hyphenation given in the hymnal, or without hyphens as the text would appear if not printed with a musical score?



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