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5th stanza to “I’m pressing on the upward way”?

Septembro 30, 2011

In what the database calls CLUW2001, Come, Let Us Worship, the bilingual Korean-English United Methodist hymnal, hymn 391 “I’m Pressing on the Upward” has a fifth stanza that I can find nowhere else. In English, it goes thusly:

My Lord I’ll follow, till I stand
erect upon that lofty land;
and, blest forever, sing his grace,
who led and set me in this place.

The hymnal provides no special information about the origins of this stanza; the whole five-stanza work is ascribed to Johnson Oatman, Jr., and the Korean translation is ascribed to “The United Methodist Korean Hymnal Committee”. So where did the fifth stanza come from? Is it truly an original part of Oatman’s hymn, for reasons unknown omitted by most hymnal editors? Or is it a free-floating stanza from somewhere else that has glommed onto this hymn much as “When we’ve been there ten thousand years” has attached itself to “Amazing Grace”? Or is it an English rendering of a Korean original (by whom?)? Or what?

[I posted this to the Hymnary Users’ forum at, but thought I might as well put it here, too.]


My 52-church pilgrimage

Septembro 27, 2011

This year I’m intentionally aiming to attend (at least) 52 churches in 52 weeks. Some comments pertinent to the hymnody I’ve encountered have appeared in this thread I’ve been maintaining at