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Three Karen Hymn-tune Items

Aŭgusto 12, 2011

Here are three hymns from the 1963 Sgaw Karen Hymnal (but I think all three date from the 1908 edition or earlier) that I think are of some interest in connection with their tunes. The first is Mrs. C. H. Vinton’s text (apparently original in Karen, though it may be an adaptation of an unacknowledged English original) set to a tune called CHARLES WESLEY (or it may be a tune by Charles Wesley, though in that case one would expect his name to be on the right side, not the left). The second is E. N. Harris’s translation of “Love Divine”, set to a tune called LUCIA that is described as being “Arranged from the Sextette in Lucia”. The third is Mrs. J. H. Vinton’s translation of “Guide me, O thou great Jehovah”, set to a tune called GUIDANCE that is described as being “Arr. from Flotow w. D. E.” Anyone who can cast any additional light on any of these tunes (or adduce instances of the latter two’s use with the original English texts) is urged to comment here to that effect!