AGO Founders Hymn Sing

The AGO Founders Hymnal is a wonderful collection of hymn tunes composed by founding members of the American Guild of Organists. Compiled by Rollin Smith, it was published by the AGO in 2009 and contains 73 hymn tunes and 10 other compositions (chant, amens, etc.). None of them is presently in wide use, and most are essentially unknown, many not appearing even in the database. But many are really quite neat, and worth a sing-through… So…

At Fremont Baptist, we are seriously considering holding a hymn-sing, probably next Spring, of songs from this book. The program will probably consist of 12 to 15 selections from the book, interspersed with 6 or 8 opportunities for participants (i.e. the congregation or “audience”; it is a hymn-sing, after all!) to request their favorites from the church’s pew hymnals.



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