Voices Found

C.W.S. posted this note to his May 8 blog post:

There have been system-wide problems with Blogger sites over the last few days with blogs being unable to post and losing some material. Commenter Leland did leave a comment the other day which I read but couldn’t respond to, and then it was eaten. I think one of AuntE’s posts at her blog was lost too.

Anyway, what I would have said to Mr. Ross is that I hope he can post some impressions about Voices Found at his blog when he gets a chance to look through it (he recently acquired a copy).

I wondered what happened to my comment, it was up for a little while and then disappeared. I certainly will be posting on Voices Found, and probably fairly soon. One of my first-impression questions is why they duplicated several songs that were already in Hymnal 1982, e.g. “All things bright and beautiful” set to ROYAL OAK, and one of the tune settings of one of the Havergal hymns (“Take my life, and let it be” to HOLLINGSIDE, I think). Also, how did Jimmy Owen qualify as a woman? Fascinating collection, but it could have been much more than it is, as your own blog (Conjubilant With Song) has repeatedly shown. I’ll also have more to post about my other recent acquisitions, Beams of Heaven (complete hymns of C. A. Tindley) and Worship & Song, the new UMC hymnal supplement.

Incidentally, I tried to post part of the foregoing comment on CWS, but was rebuffed. So the problems at Blogger and/or Blogspot aren’t over yet.



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