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Hymns of Faith and Life, 1976

Majo 21, 2011

Last Sunday, we attended the 11 am service at Rainier Avenue Church, a Free Methodist congregation in Seattle’s Rainier Valley. They were kind enough to lend me a copy of their hymnal, which I’ve been reading mainly during my commute this week. It’s not a tremendously notable or innovative or unusual hymnal; aside from a higher concentration of Wesley Brothers’ hymns, it could just as well have come from Hope Publishing. However, like virtually every hymnal I’ve ever seen, it has a few items in it that I’ve never run across elsewhere and that I like, or would like to see more widely known and sung. Here are three such:

Pollock Litany

Nos. 162-168 are seven texts (with five interchangeable tunes) by Thomas Benson Pollock, dated 1870, each dealing with one of Christ’s 7 last words from the cross:

  • Jesus, in thy dying woes
  • Jesus, pitying the sighs
  • Jesus, loving to the end
  • Jesus, whelmed in fears unknown
  • Jesus, in thy thirst and pain
  • Jesus, all our ransom paid
  • Jesus, all thy labor vast


Sleep sweetly, wee Jesus

This (no. 132) is a Brazilian folk Christmas carol I’ve never seen before. Tune name REPOUSO TRANQUILO. ©1969 by the translator, Lois Kempton.

Father, let me dedicate

This text (no. 541, by Lawrence Tuttiett, 1864) is innovatively set to the gagaku-mode tune TŌKYŌ (Isao Koizumi, 1958). The only text I’ve ever seen set to this tune is せかいの友と (“Sekai no tomo to“) (“Here, O Lord, thy servants gather“), for which the tune was composed, but it works very well with this older English text IMHO. They have it categorized, incorrectly, under “NATION” rather than under the appropriate (and adjacent) “THE NEW YEAR”. The Cyber Hymnal™ gives two other tunes, but I like this one. It’s not a text I’d previously encountered.


New “Finished” Comprehensive Spreadsheet

Majo 18, 2011

I’ve posted a new version of my Comprehensive Hymnal Index spreadsheet; this one only counts items in the 45 collections I’ve finished indexing (others are listed, but with frequency showing as 0). It’s available for download in both XLS and ODS formats at my Google site: Here.

The 45 collections indexed are:
African American Heritage Hymnal
Celebration Hymnal
Chalice Hymnal
Favorite Hymns of Praise
Hymns for the Family of God
Hymns for the Living Church
Hymnal for Worship and Celebration
New National Baptist Hymnal, 2001
New Century Hymnal
New Church Hymnal, 1976
Baptist Hymnal, 1975
Baptist Hymnal, 1991
Baptist Hymnal, 2008
Baptist Hymnal, 1956
Broadman Hymnal, 1940
Celebrating Grace Hymnal
Christian Worship, 1941
Hymnbook for Christian Worship
For the Living of These Days
Gospel Hymns (Swedish Baptists, 1950)
Hymns and Songs of the Spirit 1966
New Baptist Praise Book 1917
Baptist Hymnal 1883
American Hymnal (Broadman, 1933)
The Worshiping Church
Worship & Rejoice
Christian Life Hymnal 2006
Great Hymns of the Faith 1968
Great Songs of the Church
Living Hymns (Alfred Smith) 1988
Majesty Hymns 1997
Soul-Stirring Songs and Hymns 1972
Hymns of Truth and Praise 1971
A New Hymnal for Colleges and Schools 1992
Harvard Hymn Book, 3rd ed.
Worship in Song (Quaker) 1996
United Methodist Hymnal, 1989
Presbyterian Hymnal, 1990
Rejoice in the Lord, 1985
Hymns for Praise and Worship, 1984
Pilgrim Hymnal, 1958
Hymns of Truth and Light
Saints Hymnal (RLDS, 1933)
Hymns of the Spirit, (Unitarian, 1937)
The Alfred Burt Christmas Carols

Voices Found

Majo 15, 2011

C.W.S. posted this note to his May 8 blog post:

There have been system-wide problems with Blogger sites over the last few days with blogs being unable to post and losing some material. Commenter Leland did leave a comment the other day which I read but couldn’t respond to, and then it was eaten. I think one of AuntE’s posts at her blog was lost too.

Anyway, what I would have said to Mr. Ross is that I hope he can post some impressions about Voices Found at his blog when he gets a chance to look through it (he recently acquired a copy).

I wondered what happened to my comment, it was up for a little while and then disappeared. I certainly will be posting on Voices Found, and probably fairly soon. One of my first-impression questions is why they duplicated several songs that were already in Hymnal 1982, e.g. “All things bright and beautiful” set to ROYAL OAK, and one of the tune settings of one of the Havergal hymns (“Take my life, and let it be” to HOLLINGSIDE, I think). Also, how did Jimmy Owen qualify as a woman? Fascinating collection, but it could have been much more than it is, as your own blog (Conjubilant With Song) has repeatedly shown. I’ll also have more to post about my other recent acquisitions, Beams of Heaven (complete hymns of C. A. Tindley) and Worship & Song, the new UMC hymnal supplement.

Incidentally, I tried to post part of the foregoing comment on CWS, but was rebuffed. So the problems at Blogger and/or Blogspot aren’t over yet.

Evergreen Hymn Sing #5

Majo 14, 2011

The next Evergreen Hymn Sing is now scheduled for the afternoon of Sunday, October 30. Hoping to have more Evergreen Baptist churches participating. Stay tuned.

La ŝtormo preterpasas

Majo 10, 2011


La Ŝtormo Preterpasas
de Charles Albert Tindley (angle, The Storm Is Passing Over)
esperantigita de Ros’ Haruo, 2011

Firmu, anim’! Plu vojaĝadu ni.
Nigras la nokt’, sed ne longdaŭros ĝi;
Dankon al Di’, ekaperas la aŭror’,
Kaj la ŝtormo preterpasas, Haleluja!
Haleluja! Haleluja!
La ŝtormo preterpasas, Haleluja!

Flusas ondar’, kaj tondre tremas grund’
Fulmfrapas lum’, kaj ĉie ŝtorminund’.
Mare marŝas Krist’, pacigas ondojn li,
Kaj la ŝtormo preterpasas, Haleluja!
Haleluja! Haleluja!
La ŝtormo preterpasas, Haleluja!

La steloj malaperis, palas fora hel’,
L’ anim’ de timo plenas, enrompas mara pel’.
La mastro krias, “Jen, ne timu, estas mi”,
Kaj la ŝtormo baldaŭ pasos, Haleluja!
Haleluja! Haleluja!
La ŝtormo preterpasas, Haleluja!

Baldaŭ ni venos al la fora brila rand’,
Post la ŝtormofin’, ripoz’ en ora land’.
Ŝirme de l’ vual’, mallevos ni la velon,
Kaj la ŝtormoj ĉiuj ĉesos, Haleluja!
Haleluja! Haleluja!
La ŝtormo preterpasas, Haleluja!