See there, high in the sky (Paula’s Bridge)

In 2000, Albrecht Kronenberger wrote a hymn on the rainbow (Gen. 9:13), Jen la arko ĉiela, set to the tune of “Over the Rainbow” from The Wizard of Oz. In 2002, I translated it into English as See there, high in the sky. And in 2003, my fiancée Paula Johnson (now Ross) wrote an additional text to be sung to the tune’s bridge (this portion of the tune was not utilized in the Esperanto original). It goes like this:

When I must walk through darkest night
I always find you send a light
to guide me,
and even though I sometimes fall
and often do not heed your call
you always find me….

If I did an Esperanto translation of it, I have not located it. Paula’s English text just resurfaced after 7+ years somewhere in the bowels of our storage unit.


Unu Respondo to “See there, high in the sky (Paula’s Bridge)”

  1. Liĉjo Says:

    Jen rapida provo:

    Dum plej malhela noktpromen’
    Ĉiam aperas lumoben’—
    Min gvidas.
    Kaj se mi ofte vagas for
    Kaj ne respondas per ador’—
    Min vi ĉiam vidas . . .



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