Burning Heart

Hymn #555 in the 1995 Japanese Protestant hymnal “讃美歌21” (Sambika 21) is an intriguing song. It appears in the section headed “School” (学校). The first stanza (of three—typing in Japanese takes me a l o n g time, so I’m only giving the first verse here) runs

  (くりかえし) [Refrain]
主と共にあった この時を。
心熱く燃えた この夏を。
Burning heart [バーニング ハート]

Text and tune (BURNING HEART) are both by two people surnamed 米田 [Yoneda, probably, based on its location in the author index], both born in 1962.

What caught my eye leafing through the hymnal was the English phrase at the end of the refrain. Then I noticed that the second stanza had something about a campfire (キャンプファイア = kyampufaia), and I’m wondering if it is a hymn particularly intended for summer camp (and if not, what the envisioned context of such wording might be). I would be interested to know the readings of the authors’ given names, and any biographical details about them. Also, is there an English (or Esperanto) translation out there? I’m interested in getting a Sgaw Karen version for my projected Karen hymn resource.




Unu Respondo to “Burning Heart”

  1. Haruo Says:

    Masato Sakurai left this link on the Mudcat Café thread I started about this hymn. There’s some good information there.


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