Evergreen Hymn-Sing #4b

We’re reprising our last one. Here’s the playlist:

Opening Medley:
     Bright Canaan (O who will come and go with me?) 2
     Warrenton (Come, thou fount of every blessing) 2
     Blessèd Name (O for a thousand tongues to sing) 3
Clayton’s Grand March (instrumental) 1
People’s Choice
Pentecostal Dispensational Nostalgia Medley:
     Mansion Over the Hilltop 2
     The Great Speckled Bird 2
     The Church in the Wildwood 2
     Just a Little Talk with Jesus 2
     WEBB: ‘Tis Morn, the Lark Is Singing 2
People’s Choice
Technology Medley:
     Turn Your Radio On 2
     The Royal Telephone / Internet to Glory 1 / 2
     Life’s Railway to Heaven 2
People’s Choice
Central Medley:
     My Good Lord’s Done Been Here 2
     By the Rivers of Babylon 2
     Let Your Little Light Shine 2
     Hallowed-a Be Thy Name 5
     When the Saints Go Marching In 4
People’s Choice
Two songs brought by Bruce Sagor
     Blessed Assurance
     Every Sunday is Easter Sunday
Serenity Service Medley:
     Do Lord 2
     Jesus Walkin’ on the Water 2
     I Have Decided to Follow Jesus 4
People’s Choice
Beulah’s Corn Medley:
     Blessing Grant, O God of Nations / Dwelling in Beulah Land 2 / 2
     Beulah Land (I’ve reached the land of Corn and Wine) 2
     The Corn Song (Praise the Lord, O Jerusalem) 1
People’s Choice
Closing Medley:
     Marching to Zion 2
     Battle Hymn of the Republic 4
     I’ll Fly Away 4

There will be a spaghetti feed beforehand (at noon). A freewill offering to support mission causes (Tent Cities / Haiti Eye Clinic / Burma Refugee Resettlement) of Evergreen Association region of ABCUSA will be taken.

If you’re in Seattle and you like to sing foot-stomping hymns after eating spaghetti, drop on by!

717 N 36th St

Parking is hard to find; bus or carpool if you can.


Unu Respondo to “Evergreen Hymn-Sing #4b”

  1. Haruo Says:

    Evergreen Hymn-Sing #5 is now scheduled for the afternoon of Sunday, October 30. Hoping to have more participation by other Evergreen churches. If you’re in one and see this, please nudge your musically bent folks our direction.


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