Two odd ones in Dakota Odowan

A couple of unusual numbers struck my eye as I leafed through the SPL’s unusual Dakota Odowan. One is the tune GOLDEN HILL used as a vehicle for “Blest be the tie that binds” (I’m not sure if hymn #84, or perhaps #85, is related to the text almost always sung to DENNIS), and the other is a tune called THERE IS A FOUNTAIN, which is somewhat similar to CLEANSING FOUNTAIN, and credited to Mason, but seems is just a little too “different” to be called the same tune (and it has no apparent Dakota text with it). Here are the scans:


(Here are MIDI files of GOLDEN HILL and of the melody line of THERE IS A FOUNTAIN.)

(And where does the notion that “Boston Acad. Coll.” held copyright in GOLDEN HILL come from. My information is that the tune came from Ananias Davisson’s Kentucky Harmony, not Boston.)…


2 komentoj to “Two odd ones in Dakota Odowan”

  1. Haruo Says:

    I give a partial solution of my second query in this note at

  2. Haruo Says:

    There’s now a quite extensive thread about Dakota Odowans in the Forums at


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