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Foot-Stompin’ Hymns Update

Aŭgusto 27, 2010

In June I posted a tentative list of hymns for the Oct 24 Evergreen Hymn-Sing #4. Here is its latest updated version, still very tentative and subject to change with or without notice.

    Opening Medley

  • O who will come and go with me
  • Come, thou fount (to WARRENTON)
  • O for a thousand (to BLESSED NAME)

Clayton’s Grand March (instrumental)


    Pentecostal Dispensational Nostalgia Medley

  • Mansion over the hilltop
  • The Great Speckled Bird
  • The Church in the Wildwood
  • ‘Tis morn, the lark is singing


    Technology Medley

  • Turn Your Radio On
  • God’s Ford [pending tune]
  • Life’s Railway to Heaven
  • http://www.Jesus
  • Internet to Glory


    Central Medley

  • My Good Lord’s Done Been Here
  • Bariki Baba
  • Let your little light shine
  • Calypso Our Father
  • When the Saints go marching in


    Serenity Service Medley

  • Jesus walkin’ on the water
  • Do Lord
  • I have decided to follow Jesus


    Beulah’s Corn Medley

  • Blessing grant, O God of nations / Dwelling in Beulah Land
  • I’ve reached the land of corn and wine
  • Rejoice, O Jerusalem!


    Closing Medley

  • Marching to Zion
  • Battle Hymn of the Republic
  • I’ll Fly Away

Daddy, Will You Be There for Me?

Aŭgusto 22, 2010

Forty-two years ago last Tuesday (though it was Saturday that year) as we were traveling at about 35 mph southbound on Empire Way (now MLK Way) taking a kid home from church camp at Cascade Meadows, a teenager who had taken his grandmother’s car without permission hung a U-ey in front of our VW camperbus at about 80 mph.

My parents were the only ones killed. I, 14 years old and the oldest of us four kids, was the only one “uninjured”. That evening at the hospital, a well-meaning (?) idiot from the coroners’ office took me aside and sat me down and told me my mother was dead, and that I was going to have to drop out of school and “be a mother to your brothers and sister” because my dad wasn’t going to be able to handle the whole load himself. He said he knew I would do fine, because his dad died when he was 17 and look how well he was doing … and then when I woke up the next morning, my father was dead, too.

So this middle week of August has ever since had a certain numinousness about it for me.

This year, the week began when, on the bus going to church, I met a man who told me he had just been visiting a family in his own church, seven kids who had just lost their father in a traffic accident. And then today, the end of the week, I found a CD on a garbage can downtown (1st and Pine) entitled Home: a cappella Gospel Singing by The Eshes: “In loving memory of the nine members of the John Esh family who died in a tragic accident on March 26, 2010”. I have enjoyed listening to the nineteen songs on the album (several of them by John Esh), and thought I should post this one: Daddy, Will You Be There for Me? by Michael Overholt… (MP3 File)

Hymns of Truth and Light added

Aŭgusto 20, 2010

A new edition of my Comprehensive Hymnal Index spreadsheet has been uploaded, with Hymns of Truth and Light, a 1998 hymnal compiled and published by First Congregational Church of Houston, Texas, added. The hymnals and song collections now completely indexed are now

African American Heritage Hymnal; Celebration Hymnal; Chalice Hymnal; Favorite Hymns of Praise; Hymns for the Family of God; Hymns for the Living Church; Hymnal for Worship and Celebration; New National Baptist Hymnal; New Century Hymnal; New Church Hymnal (1976); Baptist Hymnal (1975); Baptist Hymnal (1991); Baptist Hymnal (2008); Baptist Hymnal (1956); Broadman Hymnal; Celebrating Grace Hymnal; Christian Worship (1941); Hymnbook for Christian Worship; For the Living of These Days; Gospel Hymns (BGC); Hymns and Songs of the Spirit; New Baptist Praise Book (1917); Baptist Hymnal (1883); American Hymnal;The Worshiping Church; Worship & Rejoice; Christian Life Hymnal; Great Hymns of the Faith; Great Songs of the Church; Living Hymns (1988); Majesty Hymns; Soul-Stirring Songs and Hymns; Hymns of Truth and Praise; A New Hymnal for Colleges and Schools; Harvard Hymn Book, 3rd ed.; Worship in Song (1996); United Methodist Hymnal; Presbyterian Hymnal/Hymns, Psalms & Spiritual Songs; Rejoice in the Lord; Hymns for Praise and Worship; Pilgrim Hymnal (1958); Hymns of Truth and Light; Saints Hymnal (1933); Hymns of the Spirit (1937); The Alfred Burt Christmas Carols

Hymns of Truth and Light came out of FCC Houston’s “frustration of not finding an existing hymnal that met enough of our needs” (this in the immediate aftermath of the release of the New Century Hymnal). Edited by Maggie Tucker and David Nussmann, the hymnal is notable in particular for a number of new tunes, several of them composed by Ms. Tucker. It also contains (following hymn #360) a “Litany of the Beautiful Names of Allah” that I think deserves wider exposure.

Espero Internacia en PDF

Aŭgusto 9, 2010

Mi ĵus metis la tutan enhavon de Espero internacia en la retejon de mia preĝejo, ĉi tie.