Hymnals Found

At the Birmingham convocation of the Hymn Society, I acquired, inter alia, in addition to the program book, which contained many hymns including most or all of those sung at four of the five hymn festivals (the other was a Sacred Harp singing, for which we had a separate booklet of outtakes from the Sacred Harp 1991 edition:

  • Celebrating Grace Hymnal (given to Marc and Suzanne Walter)
  • We Turn to God (Hymn Texts by John A. Dalles; 2 copies)
  • Alice Parker’s Melodious Accord Hymnal (2 copies; one given to Verne Eke)
  • Worship Together (Mennonite Brethren hymnal)
  • Venite Exultemus (Latin American edition based on Cantate Domino)
  • Hymns of Truth and Light (First Congregational Church of Houston hymnal)

What a joy!


2 komentoj to “Hymnals Found”

  1. Haruo Says:

    Two more I forgot to list:

    • Renew! Songs and hymns for blended worship
    • Will you come and follow me, Paul A. Richardson, ed.
  2. C.W.S. Says:

    The acquisition part of the conference is always fun, as it’s a chance to pick up things you might not seek out on your own for whatever reason. I also have taken good advantage of the silent auction in the past.

    I’d be interested in your opinion of the hymn that the title of that last book is taken from (assuming it must be contained therein). We sing it a few times per year but I find it just ungrammatical and annoying.


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