Geoffrey King ĵus ligis min al la retejo de Charlie Butler, nepo de Montagu Christie kaj pranepo de Thomas Robinson, kie mi trovis fotojn pri tiuj du gravaj Esperantaj himnistoj. Jen la fotoj:


2 komentoj to “Butler-fotoj”

  1. Haruo Says:

    In my efforts to locate useful and interesting material to use in my Poster Presentation at the Hymn Society convention two weeks from now, I’ve been trying to find photos of some of the prominent Esperanto hymn writers of past and present. This resulted in some very interesting correspondence today with Charlie Butler, a professor of English literature at the University of Wales (or Prifysgol Cymru, as I was taught to call it), grandson of MC and great-grandson of TR Butler, both of whom wrote some very good hymns in Esperanto (Montagu also wrote the best Esperanto-English dictionary, one of the best and most enduring textbooks of Esperanto for English speakers, and many other outstanding works (including translations from Dickens, George Fox and others.

  2. geoffreyking Says:

    Gratulon! Vi faris ege rapide!


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