Foot-Stompin’ Hymns

This is the title of the fourth in the series of Evergreen Hymn-Sings, and the third under my direction. It’s scheduled for 2 pm on October 24 at Fremont Baptist. I’ve been actively begging for input. The title was suggested by one member and seconded by another with the recommendation of “Mansion over the Hilltop” as a hymn to include.

Last Sunday we sang “When the Saints go marching in” and “Do Lord” as “Special Music”, and the consensus appeared to be that these would make good foot-stompers. But as I noted in the program, not all of us stomp our feet to the same tunes, or genres. And part of the point of the hymn-sing is nostalgia, but another part of the point is to bust that nostalgia with some alternatives.

At the moment my tentative list of numbers reads as follows:

  • Come, thou fount (to WARRENTON)
  • O for a thousand (to BLESSED NAME)
    • “Technology Medley”:

    • Turn Your Radio On
    • http://www.jesus
    • The Royal Internet
  • Hail to the Lord’s (to SHEFFIELD)
    • Serenity Service Medley:

    • Jesus walkin’ on the water
    • Do Lord
    • I have decided to follow Jesus
  • When the Saints go marching in
  • Chariots (John Kirkpatrick)
  • I’m coming to gather all peoples of earth
  • I’ve got a mansion up over the hilltop
  • Lift every voice and sing
  • Bariki Baba
  • the spiritual (first line slips my mind) with “I’m gonna hold up the Baptist finger” in it)
  • How can I keep from singing
  • The Master has come

This list only includes songs that are not in our pew hymnals. Not all of the above will be in the final cut, but some surely will be. The entire program will run about an hour, will include about a half-dozen congregational requests, and will presumably end with the Battle Hymn of the Republic and/or “I’ll fly away”.

All recommendations will be prayerfully and foot-stompingly considered.


4 komentoj to “Foot-Stompin’ Hymns”

  1. Haruo Says:

    Calypso “Our Father”.

  2. Haruo Says:

    Dave Roberts says, «All you need is a quartet to do “Beulah Land” and “Just a Little Talk with Jesus.”»

  3. C.W.S. Says:

    First one that comes to mind is “When we all get to heaven” (not just because of my women composers’ predilection) but “I’ll fly away” would be a close second.

  4. Haruo Says:

    Both of those are in our pew hymnal, so they aren’t eligible for this list, but I agree they’re good ones and shan’t be unhappy if they get sung that day.

    Two more candidates have arisen: I’m seriously thinking of adding “The Great Speckled Bird” (partly because the tune is so well known to the C&W set who, I suspect, think “foot-stompin'” is a near-synonym of “nostalgic”), and then there’s the text challenge I’ll be blogging about separately today.


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