Aleluya Y’in Oluwa

#308 in Celebrating Grace; what’s the language? “Nigerian” is not a language; that would be like saying one verse of #134 is given in West Central European. Yoruba? Igbo? Hausa? something else (there are plenty of languages in Nigeria)


4 komentoj to “Aleluya Y’in Oluwa”

  1. C.W.S. Says:

    Well, to be fair, something like LAND OF REST is frequently described as “American” folk melody (probably some texts as well), so it may be considered in those terms.

    • Haruo Says:

      Thanks, Conjubilant. I’m sure that’s the way they meant it, but when a hymnal contains text in a language other than the main language it’s in, I would really appreciate it if the editors would identify that language. They do so with languages (like Latin, French, Spanish, German) that most educated Americans can probably guess at; why not with those that even linguistic whiz kids like myself aren’t sure of? Imagine if a French hymnal, say, gave “Wakantanka taku nitawa” (the Dakota original of “Many and great”, sung to LACQUIPARLE) and identified the language as “É.-U.”

  2. chris Says:

    this looks like yoruba to me… ‘Oluwa’ means ‘God / Lord’

    • Haruo Says:

      Thanks, Chris. Yoruba was my guess, even though I don’t even know word one of the language. Good to have at least the probability confirmed.


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