Joe Prater

Last night I talked to Jesus on the World Wide Web
I found Him on the internet and this is what he said
Son, you don’t need computers and all them fancy things
All you need’s your bible to hear the angels sing

You don’t need no software except what you got on
And you don’t need no hardware ‘cept what He wrote on stone
You can’t download salvation; you can’t click your mouse on faith
Follow the commandments and you’ll reach the pearly gates

You don’t need no modems just to talk to Him
All the gigabytes in the whole wide world won’t save your soul from sin
You see, Satan’s got a webpage and he wants you to click on
The road to Hell is broad and straight and paved with CD ROMs

The next time that you’re on line and surfing on the net
Put this in your hard drive and remember what I said
The best way you can talk to Him is on your knees in prayer
You don’t need no email to reach the man upstairs

recorded last November for a Whateverly Brothers CD that is now out but I haven’t got my copy yet…




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