Fanny Crosby, Tunesmith

At the soon-to-appear third Evergreen Hymn-Sing, scheduled for the afternoon of April 25, we are going to sing a couple of Fanny Crosby tunes. Not Fanny Crosby texts sung to Bill Doane tunes or Silas Vail tunes or John Sweney tunes, but Fanny Crosby tunes. One is the tune Japanese hymnals call CROSBY. This is an abridgment of the tune Fanny wrote for her own Sunday School hymn text “Jesus, dear, I come to thee” which appeared (uncredited) in William Bradbury’s 1867 Fresh Laurels:

CROSBY (tune name) - 讃美歌 (1954) 492 かみのめぐみは

CROSBY (tune name) - 讃美歌 (1954) 492 かみのめぐみは

The second is new: “Jesus Lord I Come” (first line “Light is breaking. Can it be?”) has never been published, and has perhaps never been sung. It is one of the thousands of Fanny Crosby hymn manuscripts in the Billy Graham Archives at Wheaton (Collection 35, Box 2, Folder 12, to cite its precise provenance). The manuscript is undated but states that words and music are both by Fanny J. Crosby. Here’s a rough PDF for those who’d like to try it: Light is breaking.



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