Two new pieces of mine

This morning at Fremont Baptist two minor pieces of mine made their debut in public worship.

One is “Christ, Victorious”, my English translation of Ferdinand Hrušat’s “Krist’, Venkinto” (Adoru 338):

Christ, victorious, from the tomb
Rose up on a glorious day
Hal-le-lu–jah! Hal-le–lu–jah!
Glorious day, brilliant day,
Day of the life eternal!

The other is “Higher is the grace of God”, my English condensation of Tsunejirō Amano’s “かみのめぐみは (いとたかし)” [kami no megumi wa (itotakashi)], which is #492 in the 1954 Japanese Protestant hymnal 讃美歌. Here is Rev. Yukio Sakiyama’s literal (non-singing) translation of the Japanese hymn text:

1. God’s grace is extremely high
Higher than the towering Mt. Hermon
Clad with white snow
Reflecting the rising sun

2. God’s grace is extremely deep
Deeper than the sea of Galilee
Filled with fathomless water
Reflecting the setting sun

3. God’s grace is extremely wide
Wider than the Arabian desert
Covered with waves of sand
Glistening with the moon in the sky

and here is my reduction of the text to three-fourths of a stanza (with an added quarter-stanza of my own devising, but not I think out of the realm of the appropriate in context)

Higher is the grace of God
than Mount Hermon’s heights.
Deeper than Genessaret
is God’s grace in Christ.
Broader is God’s saving grace
than Arabia’s sand.
Greater is the grace of God
than we understand.

I wrote this before I received Pastor Sakiyama’s translation; glad to see that I wasn’t wildly off in my reading of the original.

The Hrušat piece is set to a tune ascribed to “F. Ó Carroll” in the latest online redaction of Adoru (the original publication suggested it was Father Hrušat’s own work).

The Amano piece is set to a tune called CROSBY, which is an abridgment of a tune composed by Fanny Crosby and published without attribution in William Bradbury’s 1867 Fresh Laurels, where it was associated with Fanny Crosby’s equally unattributed Sunday School text “Jesus, dear, I come to thee”.

A PDF of the bulletin insert from this morning’s service is here.

Leland aka Haruo



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