Śliczna Panienka

Tonight is Fremont Baptist’s Christmas Carol-Sing. My wife and I will be bringing the Polish carol “Śliczna Panienka”, singing just the first verse: once in Polish, once in English (George K. Evans’ translation), and finally reprising the refrain in Polish.

I’m still just rather amazed at how few of the Polish kolędy (carols) have made it into the English repertoire. Few and far between are the hymnals or carolbooks that have more than “Infant holy, infant lowly”. So I’ll put in a plug here for The International Book of Christmas Carols by Walter Ehret (primarily responsible for the musical arrangements) and George K. Evans (primarily responsible for the singing texts), which gives fully nine of the Polish carols, each in Polish and English (but alas, the Polish is ASCIIized, making it impossible for those not fluent in the language to guess the pronunciation very closely, most annoyingly the l’s that are to be pronounced as w’s but lack the tell-tale bar – ł).

This webpage gives six stanzas (with the refrains written out in full–it’s a karaoke site) in correctly diacriticized Polish.

Next Sunday we’re going to do a set of three kolędy in morning worship.


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