“To God Be the Glory” in Sgaw Karen

The 1963 Sgaw Karen Hymn and Tune Book contains two different song texts (#58 and #181) each purporting to be a translation of Fanny Crosby’s To God be the glory. The PDF here places them side by side for comparison. Not knowing enough Karen to say how well if at all the texts function as translations of Fanny Jane’s original text, I ask that someone versed in the language comment if possible on these matters. What I can say is that the texts do not appear to be particularly similar to each other; even the refrain differs noticeably (though at least its incipits resemble each other). The first version is unattributed as far as the identity of the translator/author, while the second says it was done by Thramu Laura and Thramu Paw Say.  And the first version gives Fanny’s middle initial as G. instead of the correct J. Any other information will be most welcome.

In a projected new hymnal is there a reason to print both of these? If not, which is to be preferred, if either?

Leland aka Haruo


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