New Books! And a wiki!

Just a note to mention the two latest acquisitions for the Ann E. Beatty Hymnal Collection:

  • An American Christmas Harp: A Choice Collection… (3rd ed.), a wonderful fasola shapenote book edited by Karen E. Willard. This new (Oct. 2009) edition contains almost 100 tunes, mostly from the early American shapenote traditions but some of English provenance or recent manufacture, with wonderful Christmas texts, largely from the same sources but in many cases newly tied to these tunes.
  • Rejoice in the Lord, a hymnal (1985) of the Reformed Church in America, one of the last works of Erik Routley, who edited its music. It’s a great hymnal, and quite idiosyncratic. Some of the contents leave me scratching my head, but some (such as setting “A stable lamp is lighted” to ES IST EIN’ ROS’ ENTSPRUNGEN) have me wondering why I hadn’t thought of that. And Routley’s paragraph on inclusive language revision of hymns is a joy for me to read: “… we have not often embarked on the extremely hazardous and difficult task of adjusting all language so that it gives no offense to those who regard it as wrong to use the male pronoun for God the Father or God the Holy Spirit. What is appropriate to precise theological discourse is, we believe, not necessarily appropriate to religious lyric. Ours is an era of sensitivity to this issue but it is also a time which has not yet developed a genderless pronoun. In this context, the selection or adjustment of texts to accommodate this awareness would commit us either to omit a very large number of established classics, or so to alter their diction and style as  to make them unrecognizable to singers (and probably to make them a travesty of what their authors intended). For better or for worse, we have gone as far in this matter as our times and good sense would allow….”

Let me also note that I have set up a wiki (at wikispaces) for those hymnal editing tasks which can probably be better done in a wiki than in a blog. It is empty now, but it is likely that I will start filling it soon.


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2 komentoj to “New Books! And a wiki!”

  1. C.W.S. Says:

    That is probably the most gracious statement on the topic ever made by Routley. In his private correspondence he was much more ornery.

    I think I mentioned that my own favorite hymn is from this book, #533. Routley’s favorite was the final hymn in the book, Watts’s We give immortal praise.

  2. Haruo Says:

    Routley is very articulate, which makes him fun to read (for me, anyway), but I hate to think what he could do in an ungracious moment! His choices of tunes are far less wedded to habit than most hymnals’ music editors, though occasionally he opts for a “standard” tune where I prefer something different (e.g. I’d rather sing “Praise the Lord! Ye heavens adore him!” to FABEN than to AUSTRIA.

    #533 is a fascinating text (as so many Dearmer pieces are); I’ve forgotten, though, which tune you preferred.


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