This is a four-stanza Common Metre hymn attributed to B. C. Thomas. The tune, WARWICK, by Samuel Stanley, is most frequently associated with metrical Psalm 5 adaptations such as the Scottish Psalter’s Lord, thou shalt early hear my voice or Isaac Watts’ Lord, in the morning thou shalt hear, but it does not appear that this Karen text is from that psalm; among other scriptures cited in the heading I do see 119:49, however.

1) How widely sung (and deeply loved) is it in Karen worship?

2) What does the text say, and can an appropriate three-stanza English counterpart be supplied?



Unu Respondo to “KH3 ?? [WARWICK]”

  1. KH5 Come, let us join our cheerful songs « Mia Himnareto – My Little Hymnal Says:

    […] different tunes among them (and GENEVA is not one of them). The most frequent is WARWICK (see KH3); others are AZMON, GRÄFENBURG [sic, = GRÄFENBERG = NUN DANKET ALL'], NATIVITY, NEWBOLD (which […]


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