Aftermatter to the 1963 hymnal

In the 1963 Sgaw Karen Hymn and Tune Book, there are a number of items that follow the hymnal proper.

First there are 52 numbered pages, two columns each, where I assume that the first column is from the Old Testament and the second from the New, consisting of what I take to be responsive readings, perhaps a sort of lectionary for the 52 Sundays of a typical year, or perhaps on a variety of topics numbering 52 by mere happenstance. 

This is followed by two pages of brief scripture passages, whose headings I can’t even really guess at.

Next follows what appears to be a first-line index to the hymnal.

Following this, there are two sets of  paired columns of numerals, each two pages long, with six paired columns per page. My guess is that this is a concordance showing where the hymns of one hymnal are to be found in another hymnal, and vice versa. My hunch is that the two hymnals in question are the present (1963) and former (1908) editions. If this surmise is correct, then the fact that hymn #1 appears to have been the same in both strengthens the case for including  it in the next edition, perhaps even as hymn #1. In the first column of the first set, the numbers run from 1 to 542, with relatively few gaps (the first missing item is #35, “Hear our prayer, O Lord”). The second set runs from 1 to 588, and has somewhat more frequent skips at least in the first few dozen numbers.

Then there is an Index of English Titles, and last of all one “Correction”.

I await clarification, correction or corroboration of my guesswork.



Unu Respondo to “Aftermatter to the 1963 hymnal”

  1. Haruo Says:

    I realized shortly after posting the foregoing that I had entirely missed the first item, on the page after the Amens, namely the Index of Authors, giving the initials, last names, and in many cases titles, of some 31 people, to whom a large proportion of the Burmese texts of the hymns are attributed throughout the hymnal.


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