Shepherd Hymn-Sing Summary

Attendance was light, but all the participants gave it glowing reviews. We did the full program except for the last two shepherd hymns, which we simply skipped as we were running out of voice and steam. We took in $172 for SHARE/WHEEL Tent Cities, which is not nearly as much as last year’s Godspell which netted the charity over $800, but on the other hand the costs were much lighter, too, and the per capita donation quite a bit higher.

Unfortunately I didn’t keep track of all the “Your Choice!” hymns people requested, but I know they included “How firm a foundation”, “Onward, Christian soldiers” and “Pass It On”, and even though Dale and Jean Heidal were absent due to flu-like illness, we sang “Children of the heavenly Father”.

I think there was general consensus that MATERNA is not likely to be displaced by Hamilton’s tune for “America the Beautiful”, and that “The Kings of the East” are not likely to give “We Three Kings” any serious competition as popular kings carols.

We’re going to do another one in April, this time focusing on the hymns of Fanny Crosby. And we have decided to do a Carol-Sing December 6th in lieu of our customary “Sounds of the Season” concert.

My apologies for the delay in getting this posted.



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