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Evergreen Hymn-Sing #2 Info (Oct 18)

Septembro 30, 2009

The flyer has been mailed! The hymn-sing approacheth! If you’re a hymn-lover and are in the Seattle area, by all means drop by Fremont Baptist the afternoon (starting 2:30 p.m.) of Sunday, October 18, for our hymn-sing, “We’ll Sing of the Shepherd That Died“.



Septembro 22, 2009

Sherry at wrote, “I don’t know about a thousand tongues, but it looks if these lyrics are working toward a thousand tunes, or maybe just eighteen to match the number of verses. This organ version from youtube is LYNGHAM, but I need to hear it sung because I can’t fit the words to the music as played here.” Here’s a visual aid, Sherry:

O for a Thousand Tongues, set to LYNGHAM

O for a Thousand Tongues, set to LYNGHAM

Addison’s 23rd in Sgaw Karen and English

Septembro 9, 2009

…first stanza in each language set to Haydn’s CREATION:

Karen-English Addison's 23rd

Karen-English Addison's 23rd