Psalm 23 / Good Shepherd hymn sing

Here’re the text of the flyer about our October hymn sing that I’ve just worked up; it’s still not set in stone, but probably getting close:

A hymn-sing for all hymn-lovers

We’ll sing of
the Shepherd
that died…

A Celebration of our Lord,
     the Good Shepherd,
          in Congregational Song…

…and wishing a happy 150th birthday to Carl Gustaf Boberg and Katharine Lee Bates!

Evergreen Hymn-Sing #2

presented by
Leland Bryant Ross
Verne Munro Eke

Sunday, Oct. 18, 2009 2:30 pm
at Fremont Baptist Church
717 North 36th Street
Seattle, WA 98103

For all who love to praise the Lord in hymns, psalms and spiritual songs

A freewill offering will be taken to support SHARE/WHEEL Tent Cities through the
Evergreen Association of American Baptist Churches

Visit for more information
Join us at Fremont Baptist Church for an afternoon hymn-sing
focusing on biblical imagery from texts such as Psalm 23
(“The LORD is my shepherd”) and John 10:11 (“I AM the Good Shepherd”).

In between Shepherd hymns, participants will have the opportunity to call for hymns of their choice from Fremont Baptist’s pew hymnal,
The Hymnal for Worship and Celebration.
So if you are longing to sing, say, “I’ll Fly Away”, or “Silent Night”, or “Onward, Christian Soldiers”, or … the complete list may be consulted at
… here’s your chance!

This will be an opportunity to sing old favorites and to learn some good ones that you probably haven’t sung before. The program will also feature a couple of songs by Katharine Lee Bates (who wrote “America the Beautiful”) and Carl Gustaf Boberg (who wrote the Swedish poem that our hymn “How Great Thou Art” is based on), both of whom celebrate sesquicentennial birthdays this year.

The list of songs for the “Shepherd” portion of the program (subject to change as we develop the material!) tentatively consists of:

My shepherd will supply my need (RESIGNATION)
Jesus, shepherd of our souls (Fred Kaan)
The Lord my shepherd guards me well (Daw – BROTHER JAMES’ AIR)
Shepherd of our hearts (Montgomery/Chepponis)
Shepherd, show me how to go (Eddy – LLANFAIR)
The King of love my shepherd is (ST COLUMBA)
Malotte’s 23rd
Since God is my shepherd (Hudson, alt. – HIS YOKE IS EASY)
The Lord is my shepherd, my guard and my guide (CORNISH CANON)
The Lord is my shepherd no want shall I know (Montgomery – GOSHEN)
Who taught the snow to melt in Springtime? (Kirkpatrick – MANITO)
The Lord’s my Shepherd (Huber – DOMINUS REGIT ME)
Bwana Mungu ni Mchunga wangu (The Lord is my shepherd, the living God)
The Lord my God my shepherd is (Tucker – CRIMOND)
There were ninety and nine that safely lay (Clephane – THE NINETY AND NINE)
We’ll sing of the shepherd that died (Kelly – EBENEZER [Celeste])

Feel free to email the hymn-sing organizer, Leland Bryant Ross,, to suggest others. The following songs are intentionally omitted from the program because they are in the church’s hymnal, so participants can call for them if they wish: A pilgrim was I and a-wandering; All the way my Savior leads me; Because the Lord is my Shepherd (NEW 23RD); Gentle Shepherd; He leadeth me!; In shady green pastures (“God Leads Us Along”); Savior, like a Shepherd lead us; Shepherd of love; The King of love my Shepherd is (to DOMINUS REGIT ME); The Lord’s my Shepherd (to CRIMOND)

Piano and organ accompaniments will be provided by Verne Munro Eke, the church’s organist/pianist

Light refreshments will be served – An offering will be taken for SHARE/WHEEL Tent Cities


7 komentoj to “Psalm 23 / Good Shepherd hymn sing”

  1. C.W.S. Says:

    Not that you need any more, but…

    In my ongoing research into music by women, I found a Fanny Crosby song with a Shepherd theme (somewhat tenuous, perhaps) called Gladly we will go. Tune’s not bad either, though I had never heard of Clarissa Spencer before. CyberHymnal, of course.

  2. Haruo Says:

    Thanks! It’s true I’ve got all the Shepherd hymns I really need right now, but I’d like to try out this one. So far I haven’t figured out how the refrain scans to the tune. Wish I could find a copy of “Songs of Love and Praise No. 3” like at Googlebooks or something.

  3. C.W.S. Says:

    You may have figured this out by now, but for the refrain, think “It is well.” The first three lines start with the words in the melody which are then echoed by the harmony parts.

    As it happens, I have this in an actual book rather than a download (Young People’s Hymnal No. 2) and can forward you a photocopy if you like, c/o FBC – I also have some odds and ends from the St. Olaf conference to share.

  4. Haruo Says:

    A copy of the hymn would be most appreciated! Not to mention whatever you have to share from St. Olaf’s.

  5. Robert Says:

    I’m wondering how your hymn sing went last October. I’ve conducted many of them over the years, and this one struck me as a bit ambitious. Too many hymns, and perhaps an overworking of the shepherd theme. I’ve usually found that 90 minutes of singing is enough, with a few scattered comments or hymn stories along the way. Even so, I commend you for keeping the practice alive. We need more hymn sings to educate believers on the richness of our heritage in sacred music. To see my article on how to conduct a Community Hymn Sing, see:

  6. Haruo Says:

    Thanks, Robert! I’ll let you know how our hymn sing went last October after October has passed! 😉 It’s still two months in the future.

    I’m inclined to agree with your criticisms, and the final repertoire will probably not be quite as extensive as what I projected above.

    Just today I took the hymn-sing proposal to our regional denominational board meeting, formally kicking off the publicity for the event. Once the event is in the past, I’ll try to remember to give you a description organized by the points covered in your article.

    Incidentally, your blog today about Thomas Koschat reminds me that one of the questions I’m still mulling is whether to use that Montgomery text, and if so whether to use POLAND or GOSHEN (which is what the text is set to in the 1883 Baptist Hymnal). Since I also have another Montgomery item on the program (Shepherd of our hearts), I wonder if I should leave The Lord is my Shepherd, no want shall I knowK/i> out entirely.

  7. Robert Says:

    Oh my! How did I miss that? (I could try to con you and say that up in Canada we’re in a Time Zone 3 months ahead of you folks… No, I guess not.) Anyway, thanks for your observations.

    One thing I’ve done (you’ve probably thought of it) is not sing all the stanzas of all the hymns. If you just sign a couple of verses, you can cover more favourites. Also, in one church I pastored, we used to have a Hymn Sing about every quarter. So, if we missed a song one time, we’d get to it another.

    Psalm 23 is so beloved, it is not surprising there are dozens of hymns that either quote it, paraphrase it, or allude to it. “He Leadeth Me” is another. Joseph H. Gilmore wrote it right after preaching on the passage.

    Well, gotta get on to some other things here. Good to hear from you. I’ll go and adjust my calendar now, so I don’t think it’s time to put up the Christmas tree!


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