God of Creation

One year ago, a good inclusive rewrite of “God of our fathers, whose almighty hand”, with some interesting comments, at

Conjubilant With Song


2 komentoj to “God of Creation”

  1. Robert Says:

    H-m-m… Well, I checked out the “inclusive” version you linked to. Not sure I agree that the changes were necessary. As I Canadian, I also had godly “fathers” who had a part in the founding of my country. I’d have no problem singing the hymn. Different strokes for different folks, I guess. To see a bit of background on the song, you can check out my blog, Wordwise Hymns.

  2. Haruo Says:

    Yeah, there’s nothing specifically USAmerican about “God of our fathers” (except the place and occasion of its writing), though we often talk as if our country were the only “free land” in the world (and gratingly call our president “the elected leader of the Free World”!). I wouldn’t call the changes “necessary”, but in CWS’s (then) UFMCC context I’m sure they were precisely that.


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