When Hagar Found the Bottle Spent

Instigated by Semicolon’s Hymn #95, I just made a PDF of this other hymn of Cowper’s. It’s here.



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Unu Respondo to “When Hagar Found the Bottle Spent”

  1. C.W.S. Says:

    The fourth verse is a bit precious-sounding today, but could be worked with perhaps. I’ve seen this before but never gotten around to it.

    Incidentally, CLOVELLY is by Horatio Parker, one of my favorites (will get around to “Beneath the shadow of the cross” one of these days). And try “Sometimes a light surprises” to LLANGLOFFAN, which we used in the MCC project (our own pairing, I believe? but I might be wrong). An inappropriate tune for it (that I find amusing) would be LANCASHIRE.

    I know you have been busy lately, but if you might possibly have a bit of time in the next several days to do a MIDI file could you e-mail me at the address I left with this post?


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