Psalm 23 / Good Shepherd hymns

Very tentatively, now, here are the 20 Shepherd hymns that I am hoping to include in the October hymnsing (given here in alphabetical-by-incipit order, which will surely not be the final arrangement):

  • *Bwana Mungu ni Mchunga wangu (The Lord is my shepherd, the living God) — Mchunga Wangu
  • Gentle shepherd come and lead us — Gaither ©
  • Hark! ‘Tis the Shepherd’s voice I hear — Bring Them In
  • His voice, as the sound of the dulcimer sweet — Samanthra
  • In shady green pastures — God Leads Us Along
  • Jesus, shepherd of our souls — Good Shepherd ©
  • *Ku’u Kahu no Iesu (The Lord my shepherd is) — Greenwood
  • Malotte’s 23rd — Malotte ©
  • My shepherd will supply my need — Resignation
  • Shepherd of our hearts — Chepponis ©
  • Shepherd, show me how to go — Guidance
  • Since God is my shepherd I shall not want — God’s Yoke Is Easy (Hudson)
  • The King of love my shepherd is — St Columba
  • The Lord is my shepherd in nocht am I wantin’ — Dundee Road
  • The Lord is my shepherd my guard — Cornish Canon
  • The Lord is my shepherd no want shall I know — Goshen
  • The Lord my God my shepherd is — Crimond ©
  • The Lord my shepherd guards me well — Brother James’ Air
  • There were ninety and nine that safely lay — The Ninety and Nine
  • With God as our friend, with his Spirit and Word — Ahnfelt ©

A prefixed asterisk indicates that the foreign (Swahili and Hawaiian, respectively) texts will be treated as primary, although English alternatives will be available (for the Scots text no anglicized verison will be provided). A © indicates that I believe the text and/or tune to be under copyright. Two tunes strongly associated with the 23rd Psalm are to be sung to less commonly met, newer texts (underlined). And an italicized tune name indicates that I have given serious consideration to alternative tunes.

I am still in the market for more.


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3 komentoj to “Psalm 23 / Good Shepherd hymns”

  1. Jerry W Beaver Says:


  2. rcottrill Says:

    Rather a full program for a hymn sing! (Unless you only sing a stanza or two of the songs.) Your blog caught my eye because you include “The Ninety and Nine.” Today is the 159th anniversary of the death of George Clephane, about whom the words were written. To learn more, I invite you to check out my daily blog on hymns, Wordwise Hymns.

    • Haruo Says:

      Yes, it was an overly long program (despite having shortened some hymns) and three of the hymns that ended up on the program didn’t get sung. But those in attendance enjoyed themselves and God was praised and over $150 was raised towards homeless ministries.

      If you haven’t looked yet at my more recent Fanny Crosby hymn-sing (April 25), do so. There’s a PDF showing exactly what went up on the wall. You can see that most hymns were shortened (including cutting Rescue the Perishing and He Hideth My Soul to two stanzas each).


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