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မြန်မာဘာသာစကား (Burmese) & Karen (ကရင်လူမျိုး) hymns & carols

Decembro 22, 2008

Please post lyrics of Burmese and Karen Christian hymns and carols here. Please use Unicode fonts if posting in the Burmese script (links to downloadable fonts and keyboards, and converters for those using Zawgyi (ေဇာ္ဂ်ီ) encoding, are found here. Thanks!


‘Twixt text(s) and tune(s) i

Decembro 4, 2008

In my comprehensive index there are currently a total of 36 text-tune pairings that occur 25 or more times. Of these 19 are pairs where the text in question occurs only with the tune in question, while the other 17 occur at least once with at least one other tune.

Here are the 19 that occur only in these pairings:

A mighty fortress EIN’ FESTE BURG (27)
Abide with me EVENTIDE (30)
All creatures LASST UNS ERFREUEN (28)
All people that OLD 100TH (27)
Angels from the realms REGENT SQUARE (26)
Great is thy FAITHFULNESS (26)
Holy holy holy NICAEA (29)
Immortal invisible ST DENIO (25)
Jesus shall reign DUKE STREET (26)
Joy to the world ANTIOCH (26)
Joyful joyful HYMN TO JOY (33)
O come all ye ADESTE FIDELES (28)
O come O come VENI EMMANUEL (28)
O God our help ST ANNE (32)
Praise to the Lord LOBE DEN HERREN (26)
Silent night STILLE NACHT (29)
The church’s one AURELIA (25)
We gather together KREMSER (28)
When morning gilds LAUDES DOMINI (26)

And here are the 17 that occur with multiple tunes, ordered by the number of tunes to which the text is found set; the figures that follow indicate the total number of occurrences of the text, all tunes combined, and then itemizes for each tune. Finally there follows the name of the tune in the pairing that occurs 25 or more times.

8 tunes
Praise God from whom (44: 25/7/4/2/2/2/1/1/) OLD 100TH
5 tunes
O for a thousand tongues (38: 26/7/2/2/1) AZMON
When I survey (35: 26/5/2/1/1) HAMBURG
3 tunes
All hail the power (63: 30/20/13) CORONATION
All glory laud and honor (29: 26/1/1/1) ST THEODULPH
2 tunes
O Little town (36: 29/7) ST LOUIS
Come thou almighty King (31: 30/1) ITALIAN HYMN
Come thou fount (31: 26/5) NETTLETON
Hark! the herald (31: 28/3) MENDELSSOHN
It came upon the (30: 28/2) CAROL
O worship the King (30: 28/2) LYONS
For the beauty of the earth (29: 28/1) DIX
Rejoice ye pure in heart (29: 26/3) MARION
Now thank we all our God (28: 26/2) NUN DANKET
Crown him with many crowns (27: 26/1) DIADEMATA
Blest be the tie (26: 25/1) DENNIS
Fairest Lord Jesus (26: 25/1) CRUSADERS’ HYMN

The only tune that appears twice in this list is OLD 100th, which is both the sole tune paired with “All people that on earth do dwell” and by a considerable margin the most frequent pairing with “Praise God from whom all blessings flow”.

Comprehensive Index status as of 12/3/08

Decembro 4, 2008

Thus far, my “comprehensive” hymnal index, which generally shows how many stanzas of a given text (going by incipit, but generally subsuming modernizations and the like under a single form) are given to what tune(s) in which hymnal(s), comprehends the complete hymnic contents of 24 hymnals:

AAH = African American Heritage Hymnal / B08 = Baptist Hymnal 2008 / B40 = Broadman Hymnal / B56 = Baptist Hymnal 1956 / B75 = Baptist Hymnal 1975 / B91 = Baptist Hymnal 1991 / CEL = Celebration Hymnal / CHH = Chalice Hymnal / CLH = Christian Life Hymnal / CW = Chistian Worship 1941 / FTLD = For the Living of These Days / GSC = Great Songs of the Church / HCW = Hymnbook for Christian Worship / HFG = Hymns for the Family of God / HLC = Hymns for the Living Church / HPS = Presbyterian Hymnal 1990 / HSS = Hymns and Songs of the Spirit / HWC = Hymnal for Worship and Celebration / N2K = New National Baptist Hymnal, 2001 / NCH = New Century Hymnal / RLDS = Saints Hymnal 1933 / TWC = The Worshiping Church / UMH = United Methodist Hymnal / WSQ = Worship in Song (Quaker)

as well as part (ranging from 10 songs to over 400) of the contents of some 27 others.