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God of History—Recent, Ancient

Junio 8, 2008

This morning at Fremont Baptist we sang God of History—Recent, Ancient, a Huber text I had not seen before (I should get a copy of A Singing Faith, obviously). It was pretty good. And quite pertinent to the topic, “The Company We Keep”, encouraging us to learn the names of the neighborhood’s tax collectors and sinners.

Leland aka Haruo

Hodiaŭ matene ĉe Fremont Baptist ni kantis (por mi) novan himnon, God of History—Recent, Ancient (“Dio de l’ Historio—Lastatempa, Antikva”). Mi provu traduki ĝin. La melodio estas la konata HYFRYDOL.

Haruo akk Leland


Ladder of Mercy – Jacob’s Ladder

Junio 7, 2008

Having only today figured out how to make “long esses” (ſs) happen in Unicode, I haſten to preſent a typographically more archaic, truer-to-Stainer-and-Bramley verſion of “As Jacob with travel was weary one day”. Although the tune is uſually called JACOB’S LADDER, I prefer to call it LADDER OF MERCY to avoid confuſion with the ſpiritual “We are climbing Jacob’s ladder”. Apparently this ſong came out of one of the Methodiſt revivals, perhaps in Wales, in the early part of the nineteenth century. All verſions I have ſeen come via Stainer’s Chriſtmas Carols New and Old, 1871. I don’t ſee on what grounds it’s categorized as a Chriſtmas carol.

1. As Jacob with travel was weary one day,
At night on a ſtone for a pillow he lay,
He ſaw in a viſion a ladder ſo high,
That its foot was on Earth, and its top in the ſky.

Hallelujah to Jeſus, who died on the tree,
And hath raiſed up a ladder of mercy for me,
And hath raiſed up a ladder of mercy for me.

2. This ladder is long, it is ſtrong and well-made,
Has ſtood hundreds of years and is not yet decayed;
Many millions have climbed it and reached Zion’s hill,
And thousands by faith are climbing it ſtill. Chorus…

3. Come let us aſcend; all may climb it who will,
For the Angels of Jacob are guarding it ſtill:
And remember, each ſtep that by faith we paſs o’er,
Some Prophet or Martyr hath trod it before. Chorus…

4. And when we arrive at the haven of reſt
We ſhall hear the glad words: Come up hither, ye bleſt,
Here are regions of light, here are manſions of bliſs:
O who would not climb ſuch a ladder as this? Chorus…

Pilgrimage (Barnard)

Junio 7, 2008

C. W. S. of the blog Conjubilant posted a scan of a tune called PILGRIMAGE, ascribed in a 1916 Episcopal hymnal to one C. A. Barnard, whom he surmises to be Charlotte Barnard, here, and I have provided a MIDI file of it here. C. W. S. says the Hankey text Advent tells us Christ is near! is customarily sung to INNOCENTS and the Cyber Hymnal sets it to KEINE SCHÖNHEIT HAT DIE WELT, but I agree with C.W.S. that the Barnard PILGRIMAGE tune is worth conserving, and this may be as good a text to do it with as any. The text is basically a catechistic mnemonic covering the major church seasons and feasts from Advent to Trinity. But a new text would be a fine idea.

C. W. S. de la blogo Conjubilant afiŝis skanaĵon de melodio nomita PILGRIMAGE, laŭ iu usonanglikana himnaro el 1916 komponita de iu C. A. Barnard, kiun C. W. S. konjektas Charlotte Barnard, tie ĉi, kaj mi provizis mididosieron pri ĝi ĉi tie. C. W. S. diras ke la tekston Advent tells us Christ is near! de Hankey oni kutime kantas laŭ INNOCENTS kaj la retejo Cyber Hymnal donas ĝin laŭ KEINE SCHÖNHEIT HAT DIE WELT, sed mi konsentas kun C.W.S. ke la melodio PILGRIMAGE de Barnard meritas konservadon, kaj eble tiu ĉi teksto taŭgas por la tasko. Tiu teksto estas memorigilo pri la ĉefaj sezonoj kaj festegoj de la eklezia kalendaro de Advento ĝis Triunuo. Tamen volonte mi konsiderus novan tekston por la melodio.

Saluton, Mondo! Hello, World!

Junio 7, 2008

Jen mia plej nova provo pri reta himnoblogo. This is my latest attempt at a hymnblog on the Web. Ĝi celas iom iel kununuigi miajn prihimnajn afiŝojn kaj en Esperanto kaj en la angla. It aims to somewhat/somehow bring together my hymnic postings in both Esperanto and English.

In particular, I think of it as a successor to
Por precizigi, mi rigardas ĝin kiel posteulon de

Himnoj kaj Himnologio and/kaj My Wish Hymnal

Verŝajne mi provos memori, kiam mi metas ion tien ĉi, meti ankaŭ ligilon en la blogspotaĵon de la koncerna lingvo. I’ll probably try to remember, when I put something here, to also put a link in my Blogspot blog in the language concerned. 😉